From Freedom Rides to Farmworker Battles: Famed Organizer Inspires CTA Educators

(From r.) Legendary Organizer Marshall Ganz encourages State Council members to use storytelling to help organize chapters and win additional social justice battles, as CTA President Eric Heins looks on.

He dropped out of Harvard to battle for full equality and voting rights for Black Americans in Mississippi.  He and his colleagues continued their work despite the murder of three of them. When the battle was won, he joined Cesar Chavez to help galvanize California farmworkers into a powerful labor force.


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Signing of Anti-Racial Mascot Bill is Union Values Victory

A sign at a recent rally protests the use of Native American caricatures as the symbol of school and professional sports teams.

Key provisions of the California Teachers Association’s Mission Statement spell out the organization’s commitment to protecting human dignity: “The California Teachers Association exists ….to ensure that human dignity and civil rights of all children and youth are protected and to secure a more just, equitable, and democratic society.”

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300 Santa Ana Teachers Rally for Students and Against Board Member's Disparagement

During last Tuesday’s school board meeting, hundreds of Santa Ana educators call out a local school board member whose anti-educator remarks have promoted the teachers association to file unfair labor practice charges with the state agency that monitors public sector bargaining.

More than 300 members of the Santa Ana Educators Association (SAEA) rallied at last Tuesday’s meeting of the Santa Ana Unified School District Board to press for a new contract settlement that will make classroom instruction the district’s top priority.  The educators also protested a consistent stream of inaccurate and disparaging comments about educational personnel made by Board Member Cecelia Iglesias.

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Black Oak Teachers Urge District to Use Funds to Help Students

The leaders of the Black Oak Mine Teachers Association are leading efforts to get the local district to use new state funding to support a high quality education for every student.

Members of the Black Oak Mine Teachers Association are pressing the local school district to use funds generated by voter-approved Proposition 30 for the purpose the electorate approved: helping students in their classrooms.

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Not “Lovin’ It”: Educators Demand McDonald’s Corp. End Exploitative “McTeacher’s Night”

The very small fine print: even a youngster with great vision might miss the small type warning that this is "advertising" on a page devoted to “books” offered at the McDonald’s web site. The corporation is being roundly hit for using “educational” advertising to market unhealthy foods to children.

CTA, the National Education Association, and other educator and public service organizations are demanding that the McDonald’s corporation stop its most egregious form of marketing to children. 

The corporation’s “McTeachers’ Nights” aim to convert teachers into shills for the restaurant chain’s kids-unhealthy food offerings by earmarking a small percentage of profits from the evening to local schools.

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New Test Scores Just One Measure of Student Learning

Supt. of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson on Wednesday released the first-ever results from the new California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP).

The 2015 results from the new online assessment become the baseline for future assessments and students.

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Paradise Teachers Say District is Shortchanging Students

They File Unfair Labor Practice Charge

Members of the Teachers Association of Paradise (TAP) are taking their fight to improve their students’ education to Public Employment Relations Board, the state agency that oversees public sector collective bargaining.

The chapter has filed an unfair labor practice charge against the district for its failure to bargain in good faith on issues including how best to use Proposition 30 moneys approved by voters to help schools prepare students to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

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Hundreds of Val Verde Teachers March for Their Students

Hundreds of Val Verde teachers marched to support better teaching and learning conditions to benefit their students.

PERRIS – More than 300 Val Verde teachers participated in a rally and march during the mediation session between the Val Verde Unified School District School Board (VVUSD) and the Val Verde Teachers Association (VVTA) Wednesday, Aug. 26.

Teachers braved temperatures in excess of 100 degrees as they marched from the VVUSD office to the four corners of Ramona Expressway and Webster Ave.

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Gov. Brown to Sign Measure Setting Aside Exit Exam Requirement

Thousands of high school seniors who were finding their path into college or the military blocked by the cancellation of the state’s High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) will have their pathway cleared, thanks to speedy legislative action and a pledge by the governor to sign Senate Bill 725 by Sen. Loni Hancock (D-Oakland) that suspends the requirement that students pass the CAHSEE in order to graduate.

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Val Verde Teachers Rally at Special Session of School Board

(Photo above) Naree Yang Pygott and Kayla Bui and other members of the Val Verde Teachers Association press the district for a contract settlement that will put teachers and students first on the priority list.


Perris CA -- Val Verde Teachers rallied at a special session of the local school board meeting Thursday night to protest the district’s actions that are making it difficult to retain and attract the highly qualified teachers needed to provide all students with the excellent education they deserve.

Val Verde educators have been making the case that low salaries are costing the district too many of its current highly qualified teachers and undercutting the ability to attract new ones who are equally skilled.

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