Val Verde Teachers Rally at Special Session of School Board

(Photo above) Naree Yang Pygott and Kayla Bui and other members of the Val Verde Teachers Association press the district for a contract settlement that will put teachers and students first on the priority list.


Perris CA -- Val Verde Teachers rallied at a special session of the local school board meeting Thursday night to protest the district’s actions that are making it difficult to retain and attract the highly qualified teachers needed to provide all students with the excellent education they deserve.

Val Verde educators have been making the case that low salaries are costing the district too many of its current highly qualified teachers and undercutting the ability to attract new ones who are equally skilled.

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Lawmakers Return to Capitol for Last Three Weeks of Session

The state Senate and Assembly came back into session on Monday, with only three weeks to finish up this year’s work.

Lawmakers have just until September 11 to act on pending legislation, including a package of CTA-sponsored bills designed to increase transparency and accountability at the state’s charter schools.

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Economist Reveals Why California's Taxes Aren't Fair and How to Fix Them

California’s infrastructure is deteriorating and funding for schools has dropped from 21st nationally to 46th because of an unfair tax system that allows wealthy corporations to escape paying their fair share, noted Economist Robert Reich reveals in a new video released by the Make It Fair California coalition.

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Lt. Gov. Newsom: Nothing is More Important Than What Teachers Do

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom (r.) talks with CTA President Eric Heins just prior to addressing more than 1,000 participants at CTA’s Summer Institute.

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom offered some high praise to educators and to CTA during his Aug. 6 speech at the Association’s Summer Institute on the UCLA Campus.

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Summer's a Great Time to Press Congress to Improve Elementary & Secondary Ed. Act

Now is a great time to meet with your member of the House of Representatives on a key issue: passing S. 1177 that would make vast improvements to the current federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).

Congress is in recess until Sept. 8, and lawmakers are expected to continue their work on the bill soon after they return. In the meantime, they are spending time in their district offices throughout California.

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Help NEA Win Renewal of Educators' Tax Credit

Are you dipping into your own pocket to purchase items for your classroom? As a public school educator or education support professional, you’re not alone. On average, classroom professionals spend some $1,000 annually of their own money to help meet their students’ needs.

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Middle Class Put at Risk by New "Pension Reform" Initiative

Californians for a Secure Retirement (CRS) is warning in an opinion piece published in Monday’s Sacramento Bee that the so-called “Voter Empowerment Act” is actually another disguised attacked on the pensions of the state’s middle-class working women and men.

In “Latest measure from pension attackers threatens middle class,” CRS Chair David Low argues forcefully that “pension attackers are back, using new poll-tested language and focus-grouped talking points to undermine retirement security for millions of working families.”

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Smart ALECs or Wise Guys? Either Way, They Pose a Threat to Public Education

A syndicate of self-styled rich, smart guys has in mind killing off public education, public pension systems, and public and private unions.

CTA and its labor allies are hard at work trying to keep this group, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), from gaining a foothold in California. ALEC is an organization funded by corporate entities to formulate anti-union and anti-public education proposals into language that would become state legislation.

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UC System Will Boost Minimum Wage of Its Employees

In a major victory for working women and men, the University of California has agreed to raise the minimum wage of its employees to $15 an hour over a three-year period.

The action, reported in the Sacramento Bee, is an important step to help ensure dedicated higher education employees can afford the basics of life.

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Head ‘em Up, Move ‘em On: Time to Get Those Ducks in a Row

[Multi-media - Cue music, Frankie Laine's Song "Rawhide"….]

If you’ve ever had a hankering for riding roughshod on your herd of undisciplined ducks, CTA has training for you. Consider it a “dude ranch” for duck wranglers.

Seriously, if your efforts to lasso internal and external communications have you climbing your rope, you need only sign up for the Communications Strand at CTA’s Summer Institute, Aug. 2-6 on the UCLA campus.

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