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Stockton Teachers, District Reach Tentative Agreement

Accord Achieved at 1:22 AM Friday in Session that Began Thursday Morning

(Photo above) Just hours before the tentative contract agreement was reached, Stockton Teachers Association President John Steiner tells a group of reporters that teachers have battling for more than 32 months to ensure every student a high quality education and to foster collaboration with parents and the community.

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Stockton Teachers Build Momentum for Community Meetings Aimed at Making Classroom and Students the District’s Top Priority

(Photo above) Stockton Teachers Association Negotiations Chair Ed Auerbach, a teacher at Health Careers Academy, briefs Matt Maurin, a teacher at Edison High School, about the school district’s stalling that has kept a settlement out of reach for more than 32 months. Maurin is one of a contingent of teachers who picked up flyers detailing problems spawned by the district’s head negotiator, Craig Wells, both in Stockton and two other districts.

Stockton Teachers Association members stopped by the Association office on Monday, their first day back after Spring break, to pick up flyers inviting parents and other interested parties to two meetings scheduled for Thursday of this week and Tuesday of next.

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Lawmakers, Educators Propose Comprehensive Changes to Boost Charter Accountability, Transparency, and Fair Access to All Students

(Photo above) Backed by teacher representatives and charter school teachers, Sen. Leno spells out that his SB 322 “helps ensure that admission requirements for charter schools encourage equal access for all students….”

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More Than 120 Marysville Teachers and Supporters Battle to Make Students the Top Priority

(Photo above) As cameras from Channel 13 and Channel 40 roll, more than 120 Marysville teachers and supporters cheer on Marysville United Teachers Association President Inge Schlusser as she derides Supt. Gay Todd and the school board for failing to make classrooms the top funding priority.

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38 Resolute Vineland Teachers Win 3.6 Percent Salary Boost, Benefit Upgrades

(Photo above) Labor Leader Dolores Huerta (front, center) joined Vineland Teachers' Association President Kara Ranney, the 37-other VTA members, and parents and community members at a school board meeting in February, denouncing the district’s earlier refusal to offer the educators a fair contract that puts students and teachers at the top of the priority list.

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Lodi Educators Organize to Get More Funds to the Classroom

(Photo above) Members of the organizing team of the Lodi Education Association coordinate calendars during an afternoon meeting at the chapter.

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Stockton Teachers March for Students Outside of Fact Finding Hearing

(Photo above) A child leads them: Two members of the Stockton Teachers Association family lead a column of parents, teachers, and students who marched on Monday at the site of the fact-finding hearing at the district headquarters. The demonstration of solidarity and community support aimed at convincing the district to come back to the table and agree to allocate more funds to support students and the teachers they depend upon.

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Stockton Teachers Rally in Walking Boots for Students, Classrooms

(Photo above) A Channel 3 reporter does a live stand-up as an estimated half-thousand Stockton Teachers Association members march in their "boots" on March Lane and Pacific to demonstrate their willingness to strike if the district doesn't agree to a contract that puts students and teachers first.

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CTA Officers, Board Seek Support for Students, Educators, Schools on Lobby Day


(Photo above) During the CTA Board Lobby Day, CTA Vice President Eric Heins (gesturing), CTA Board Member David Goldberg (at left), and Manager of Legislative Relations Lori Easterling speak with Assembly Member Patrick O’Donnell (D-Long Beach) about the need for increased school funding.

CTA leaders and board members were in the state Capitol all day on Feb. 17, urging lawmakers to help boost California from its dismal 46th place nationally in per-student spending and to support efforts to rebuild the teacher workforce.

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400 Santa Rosa Teachers Tell Board: Make Students, Teachers -- Not Consultants -- No. 1


(Photo above) Backed by more than 400 teachers, community members, and students, Amy Stern, a teacher and president of the Santa Rosa Teachers Association, tells school board members that the district’s refusal to use Proposition 30 funds to support the classroom is harming students.

An estimated 400 members of the Santa Rosa Teachers Association jammed the February 11 meeting of the local school board to deliver a simple message: it’s time to make students and teachers the district’s top funding priority.

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