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Governor Signs CTA-backed Language Acquisition Bill

The governor has signed SB 1174, a CTA-supported measure that will help all students acquire English language proficiency.

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The 2014 Election is a big one for Education in California... a Lot is at Stake!

Tuesday, September 23, is National Voter Registration Day, a time educators throughout California are being asked to encourage their family, friends, colleagues, and students who will be 18 by November 4, 2014 to register. Some CTA Chapters already have plans to remind voters to register.

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Does Your Vote Matter? Theres a Link for That!

Ever wondered if your vote really matters?  Some folks at the Douglas County, NV Elections Center have put together some historical information that provides an answer to that oft-asked question.  The short answer: a resounding “yes.”

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Charter School Educators Come Back to Capitol for Day 2 of Meetings with Lawmakers and Staff

(Photo above) Assembly Majority Leader Manuel Perez (D-Indio) asks teachers at the California Virtual Academy to give him additional examples of situations they point to that are hampering the educational success of the students they serve.

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Charter Teachers Lobby to Protect Right to Organize

Jason Spadaro, (at left) a high school English teacher, and six other teachers from California Virtual Academy (CAVA), a statewide charter school, speak to Sara Arce, staff for Assembly Member Das Williams, on the importance of charter school teachers having the rights enjoyed by other public school teachers.

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Journalist, Educator Derides "Shibboleths" about Due Process

Steve O’Donoghue, a long-time journalism teacher who now leads the California Scholastic Journalism Initiative, warns readers in an op-ed published in Sunday’s Sacramento Bee, Focus on teacher tenure distracts from schools’ real problems, that the Vergara lawsuit and the focus on changing “tenure” are diverting attention from the actual challenges facing public education.

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Governor Signs Opposed Seizure Medicine Injection Bill

More teachers may to have perform tasks better left to trained medical personnel as a result of the governor’s signing of SB 1266.

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Chronic Absence, Truancy Rates Emphasize Need for Intervention, Attorney General Reports

A new report issued by Attorney General Kamala Harris provides additional support for a package of measures that would help keep students in school, including a CTA-backed bill to provide districts with more information so that they can intervene early in the academic careers of at-risk students.

“In School + on Track 2014: the Attorney General’s 2014 Report on California’s Elementary School Truancy and Absenteeism Crisis” finds that 90% of students with absence and truancy problems are youngsters living at or below the poverty level.  Students evidencing high rates of absence and truancy in the early grades are also drawn disproportionately from among children or color, the report finds.

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Supt. Torlakson, Officials Kick off Attendance Awareness Month

Supt. of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson and other state officials are working hard to support efforts by parents and teachers to help keep students in school. They are using a month devoted to "Attendance Awareness" to spread the message about the key connection between good attendance and increased student achievement.

“Children must attend school to learn, succeed, and prepare for a bright future,” Torlakson said during a Thursday morning news conference at the state Capitol.

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Darling-Hammond, Education Scholar, Slams Vergara, Praises Gov. Brown, Supt. Torlakson

One of the pre-eminent voices in the international education community, Linda Darling-Hammond, in a powerful op-ed in Wednesday’s San Francisco Chronicle titled "Supporting teachers is the way to improve schools" hits the Vergara v. State of California lawsuit that would undermine key protections for teachers that enable them to advocate for their students.

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