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School Facilities Bond Measure Stalls in Legislature

The reports are heart-rending.  Classrooms that are super-hot in the spring and summer and freezing in the winter.  Computers and other materials ruined because of leaky roofs. Students crowded into classrooms and temporary structures because there aren’t enough classrooms to go around

These anecdotal reports put faces on the issue – schools are facing a backlog of repairs and classroom construction on the order of $21 billion.

Lawmakers have not passed a bill that would have started to address these needs. Now, they will go unmet for another year.

The education community has been backing AB 2235, a measure by Assembly Education Chair Joan Buchanan (D-Alamo), which would have given voters the chance to approve billions of dollars desperately needed by K-University public schools to build new classrooms and repair old ones.

Lawmakers could not muster enough votes to move the bill from the Senate’s “inactive file.”  As of Friday, when the legislature adjourns for the year, the bill will be officially “dead.”  Count on CTA and its education allies to try again next legislative year.

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