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CTA Fights Efforts to Force Applicants to Give Up Social Media Privacy

In order to protect employee rights, CTA is now opposing AB 25 (Campos), a bill that would originally have prohibited employers from forcing applicants and employees to give management access to their Facebook and other social media accounts.

AB 25, by Assembly Member Nora Campos (D-San Jose), as originally drafted would have clarified legislation approved last year – AB 1844 – to make sure all public employers are covered by the social media privacy invasion ban.

Just yesterday though, the Campos measure was amended to allow peace officer employers to demand that job applicants allow interviewers to probe private areas of workers’ social media accounts.

CTA has moved to “oppose” on the Campos measure because the amended version of the bill could ultimately jeopardize the privacy of educators and other public workers.  Simply put: police officers today; teachers tomorrow.

This amendment is an outrageous invasion of privacy that could be extended to all employees, including educators and school district applicants.

To help preserve employees’ social media privacy, it’s vital to defeat this amended measure, which is pending on the Senate floor.

Click through to the Legislative Action Center and your state Senator an e-mail urging her or him to vote against AB 25.  Use your social media to get the word out to all your Facebook friends, twitter followers, and e-mail correspondents to mobilize them against this horrible invasion of our privacy.

For more information about the bill, click on the Oppose letter (photos above and below) from CTA to the Senate.

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