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Assembly Education Chair Buchanan Introduces Two Bills Aimed at Protecting Children, Speeding Up Dismissals; Senator Padilla Drops His

SB 10, Signs on as Co-author CTA Adopts "Support" Position

Assembly Education Chair Joan Buchanan (D-Alamo) on Tuesday, March 19, introduced two bills designed to streamline the teacher dismissal process and require districts to establish policies on child abuse reporting.

Also on Tuesday, Sen. Alex Padilla (D-Pacoima) announced that he was dropping his CTA-opposed teacher dismissal bill — SB 10 — and signing on as a co-author of AB 375, the first of the two Buchanan bills.

The action came even as a group of CTA members were in the state Capitol on a lobby day, meeting width their lawmakers in opposition to SB 10.

Among CTA's main concerns are keeping students safe, safeguarding the integrity of the profession, and protecting educators' rights. The association has been pressing for legislation that would streamline and shorten the dismissal process to ensure that allegations are handled fairly and in a timely manner.

The second measure, AB 1338, requires districts to implement policies that fulfill state requirements for reporting abuse allegations and train staff members annually on the policies.

CTA has since taken a support position on both of Buchanan's bills.

CTA commends Assembly Member Buchanan for taking the lead on the two bills addressing these vital matters affecting teachers and their students, and appreciates Sen. Padilla joining the efforts as co-author.

The Key Messages paper on the bills provides more information about CTA's position. You can also learn more by reading the CTA AB 375 Fact Sheet, the  CTA AB 1338 Fact Sheet, and Assembly Member Buchanan's and Senator Padilla's Joint News Release on the bills.

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