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Gov. Brown Celebrates Victories for Public Education at State Council Meeting

(Photo above) Gov. Jerry Brown delivered an energetic speech to more than 800 of our members at the California Teachers Association’s State Council of Education session Sunday morning in Los Angeles. The governor joined our educators in celebrating the November election victories that have staved off more than $6 billion in additional school cuts and are providing schools width billions in new funds.

As he did during his State of the State message, the governor thanked our members and CTA for their hard work in securing overwhelming voter approval for Proposition 30, the revenue measure that garnered 55% of the vote. He also commended CTA for its 150 years of service to California's communities including  securing free public education for all students, battling for a quality  education for our students, and fighting for human rights.

The governor in addition reiterated his skepticism about testing as the single  measure of classroom achievement saying, "We seem to think that education  is a thing--like a vaccine--that can be designed from afar and simply injected  into our children But as the Irish poet William Butler Yeats said, "Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire."

The governor also shared stories of the impact his own education has had on his life.

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