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Peer Assistance & Review: an effective tool for teacher support and development

Recognizing that California must plan for the future, State Superintendent Tom Torlakson brought together 59 leaders from across California—teachers, parents, community, labor and business leaders—to share their thinking about education in the state. The resulting report, A Blueprint for Great Schools, provides vision and direction for our education system, including a focus on 21st Century learning, meeting the needs of the whole child, and rebuilding the ranks of California’s teachers width resources and respect.

Following this, the Task Force on Educator Excellence developed a supplementary report, Greatness by Design: Supporting Outstanding Teaching to Sustain a Golden Statewidth recommendations on how to strengthen California's teacher and administrative corps, outlining in particular the importance of Peer Assistance and Review.

"Quality and tailored support by colleagues centered on teacher growth is a cornerstone of the teaching profession," said CTA President Dean Vogel in a recent interview width Education Week blogger and CTA member Larry Ferlazzo. "This type of collegiality typically occurs informally in classrooms, the cafeteria, by the copier, and even on the playground as teachers meet to discuss methods, pedagogy and curriculum. Peer Assistance and Review program provides formal processes and structures to the informal support that occurs every day in schools."

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