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As Deadline Nears, Educators Walk and Talk for Prop. 30, against Prop. 32

(Photo above:  From left, on Saturday morning, Educator Carlos Rico discusses the day’s precinct walking width volunteer Jan Arias outside the Sacramento City Teachers Association building in East Sacramento. Educators are working hard to secure voter approval of Proposition 30, the governor's revenue measure for schools, and voter rejection of Proposition 32, the deceptive measure that would give wealthy special interests more political power.) 

(Photo at left: CTA Staff Member Seth Bramble gives volunteers some tips about effective precinct-walking as they prepare to talk to hundreds of voters in the Sacramento area.)

Throughout California on the next-to-last weekend before Election Day, Nov. 6, thousands of educators, nurses, firefighters, college students, and school supporters are taking to the streets and the phone lines to contact voters in support of Proposition 30 and in opposition to Proposition 32.

For students, parents, and educators, Proposition 30 is a vital measure.  It is the only ballot measure that will prevent another $6 billion in automatic funding cuts to K-12 public schools, the community colleges, and the state’s university systems. Cuts of that magnitude, on top of more than $20 billion in cuts that have rocked public education and harmed students, could shutter Sacramento schools 10 days early this year. Parents and teachers know that students can’t afford to lose the learning time.

For middle-class families, defeating Proposition 32, the deceptive “Special Exemptions Act,” is just as important.

Proposition 32 would increase the power of wealthy special interests to influence state politicians.  The measure would make it harder for educators and others to secure desperately needed funding from state lawmakers and the governor.

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