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"Early Returns": LA District Rescinds Furloughs Due to Prop. 30's Passage

(Photo above) Surrounded by hundreds of educators, firefighters, nurses, and other school supporters, Gov. Jerry Brown declares victory for Proposition 30 on Election Night at a Sacramento gathering.

Some 600,000 students in Los Angeles were facing the prospects of a school year shortened by 10 days – but that harsh result was averted by voters’ passage of Proposition 30 on November 6.

That would have been one local impact of the $6 billion in automatic or “trigger” cuts that would have hit K-12 public education, the community colleges, and the state’s higher education systems if Proposition 30 had failed.

Very quickly after the measure’s overwhelming passage, the Los Angeles Unified School District announced that it would be rescinding the 10 lost instructional days and the attendant furloughs.

The leader of the Los Angeles’ district teachers association, United Teachers Los Angeles President Warren Fletcher, greeted the announcement by saying  “We are pleased to learn LAUSD intends to restore a full school year for students in the district—the first time since 2008.  The move follows the passage of Proposition 30 on Tuesday.”

“Our teachers took a risk last year, approving the Jobs Restoration and Furlough agreement, which included up to 10 furlough days,” UTLA’s Fletcher said. “As always, they put students first.  And now, we are on the cusp of having those furlough days cancelled and being able to provide our students width a full year of instruction.”

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