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NEA RA: Diary of a first-time delegate - Day 4

State contact fun! By Reagan Duncan

Still going strong! After entering the floor today I got right to work. My one big job each day as state contact is to take California's tracking sheet on our positions to the state I've been assigned.

This morning, like every RA morning, I searched for my contacts from Minnesota to share our information. This time they had many questions, almost none of which I could answer myself! So...I got to do some super sleuthing work, kinda fun! I sought out board members, makers of motions and New Business Items (NBI).

Though it might sound mundane, it was actually quite an experience. I was able to meet some new people and came to understand some of the NBIs in much more detail. It actually clarified many things that I didn't even realize I myself needed clarification on!

For those of you that may have wondered how you could get more involved in the RA, volunteer as state contact. You'll make new friends as well as learn about what happens behind the scenes and between the states. Even better, you'll have a totally legitimate reason to get out of your seat!

I now have 2 new friends in the great state of Minnesota, Bill and Cheri Kunshier. I thank them for their hospitality and for their patience in helping a newbie like me learn the ropes!

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