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Field Poll: More than 72% Oppose Automatic Cuts to Public Education, Safety

The vast majority of California voters – more than 72% of them – oppose the automatic or “trigger cuts” in the state budget that will take effect if the governor’s November revenue initiative is rejected, according to a Field Poll released on July 4.

Only 19% of those polled say they favor the trigger cuts, which will slash another $6 billion for K-14 public education and the state’s two university systems.

Voters can protect schools and public safety programs from these cuts by approving the governor’s Protect Our Schools and Local Public Safety Initiative on the November general election ballot.

The measure would raise an estimated $9 billion by raising income taxes on the state’s wealthiest residents and temporarily boosting the sales tax by a quarter of one percent.

More information about the Field Poll can be found at July 4 Field Poll Release.

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