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Capitol News: State Supreme Court Hears Arguments over Administration of Insulin

The California Supreme Court has been   hearing arguments over whether non-medical personnel should be administering   insulin to students under ordinary circumstances.  Current law allows only   doctors and nurses to inject students width the drug, except in emergencies.

CTA maintains that medical procedures should be performed by medical professionals – and not educators and school support professionals, whose focus should be educating and supporting the education   of students.

Attorneys for the American Nurses   Association emphasized to the justices that licensed nurses and other medical   professionals should be doing the injections because they have the scientific   background and necessary technical skills to ensure that students are not   placed in jeopardy through incorrect procedures.

"At its heart, [this] is about   protecting students," the nurses' attorney told the court. CTA and NEA   filed amicus briefs in this case. Read more: San Francisco Chronicle: Supreme Court Hears Insulin Shots   Case.



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