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Columnist Calls Prop. 32's Real Purpose "To Cripple Unions Politically"

Los Angeles Times Columnist George Skelton
George Skelton, a highly respected and insightful political commentator for the Los Angeles Times, has turned his "de-cloaking" device onto Proposition 32, the Special Exemptions Act.   And what he's turned up should help remove the blinders from anyone's eyes.

In a column published October 17 and aptly titled, "Prop. 32's Real Purpose is to Cripple Labor Unions Politically," the long-serving Sacramento observer put it succinctly:

"Prop. 32's real purpose is to cripple labor unions politically. It would do this by prohibiting unions from using payroll deductions for political purposes, width or widthout a worker's permission.

"Corporations — and this is particularly deceptive — also would be covered by the ban. But they generally don't raise political money width payroll deductions. They do it either by dipping into their corporate treasuries or by putting the squeeze on highly paid executives," Skelton writes.

"As a solution to special-interest influence in politics, Prop. 32 is a self-serving sham," Skelton concludes.

Read the entire article in the LA Times: George Skelton's Oct. 17 Column on Prop. 32.

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