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Noted Communications Professor Urges “Yes” Vote on Prop. 30, “No” Vote on Proposition 32

(From right) During a panel discussion of the 2012 election on Tuesday night at the California museum, California State University Sacramento Communications Professor Emeritus Barbara O’Connor tells members of the Sacramento Chamber of Commerce’s Metro Edge group that Proposition 30, the governor’s revenue measure, is the only one on the November ballot that will help stave of more than $500 million in additional cuts to state colleges and universities, as California’s Capitol Writer Greg Lucas looks on.

O’Connor detailed how cuts at the higher education entities had harmed her students, and she countered the assertion by a fellow panelist, Tony Quinn of the California Target Book, that despite past predictions of destruction due to cuts like those occasioned by the passage of Proposition 13, the state and its programs have weathered the reductions.

“[The destruction] is happening. Trust me,” O’Connor insisted. “The average time it takes to get out at Sac. State is six years. That’s not good. Tuition has gone up.  The state’s share of money for UC and CSU has gone down a lot.  It’s not just education either. Now I’m on AARP (American Association of Retired People) board….all of those programs [such as health and welfare and children’s programs] are going to get massive cuts.  [By voting for Proposition 30] you are going to have a chance to decide what California is going to look like.”

Reporter Lucas also challenged Quinn’s assessment that “schools won’t be cut that much” if Proposition 30 fails.  “Not that much?  They’ve already been cut $5 billion.  That’s not just walking around money….,” Lucas told an audience of about 105 Chamber members, their guests, and reporters.

During an exclusive interview width, Prof. O’Connor noted her opposition to Proposition 32, the deceptive “election reform” measure that would exempt corporate special interests from regulations and further tilt the campaign playing field in favor of the wealthy at the expense of middle class working women and men.

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