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Small Chapter Captures Attention of Three TV Stations in Battle for Students

(Graphic above) Efforts by the 38-member Vineland Teachers' Association to make gains for students and for classrooms have captured the interest of local television news crews.

CTA Chapters come in all sizes, but it is usually our larger ones – with members in the thousands – that are featured on the evening television news.
But one CTA Chapter with just 38 members attracted the attention of three stations from the nearest big city – Bakersfield – in their battle to make students the district’s top priority.

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New Study: Growing Numbers at Risk of Money Shortfalls in Retirement

A new study by the Center for American Progress has found that an ever larger number of Americans will likely not have enough money in retirement to maintain their standard of living.

The tome, The Reality of the Retirement Crisis, by Keith Miller, David Madland, and Christian E. Weller, concludes that the two points are abundantly clear:

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Stockton Teachers Mass in Fight to Make Classrooms, Students District's Top Priority

More than 350 members of the Stockton Teachers Association gathered on Wednesday to learn the status of their 31-month battle to win an excellent education for every student.

During the meeting, Chapter President John Steiner, a high school teacher, and bargaining team members provided a status report on negotiations with the district. The chapter’s organizing team spelled out steps members will be taking in the weeks ahead to pressure the district to make students the top priority and to put Proposition 30 funds into the classroom, as voters intended when they passed the ballot measure.

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Tale of Two Presidents: Priority of Relationship-Building Impacts Policy Outcomes


Two recent presidential biographies – one by a hard-bitten journalist and the other by an admiring son – provide an important nonpartisan learning from the Oval office: effective relational organizing can help advocates achieve their policy objectives.

Chuck Todd, in his biography of Pres. Barack Obama entitled The Stranger, and former Pres. George W. Bush, in his memoir about his dad, 41: a Portrait of My Father, agree about the importance of relationship building to the to the successes of the two presidents’ agendas.

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Ripon Chapter Presses District to Make Students the Top Priority

Graphic above: Members of the Ripon Unified Teachers Association (RUDTA) have pushing the district to support high quality classroom instruction and a specific kind of 3Rs, as well as a fourth one that puts Ripon students first.

Imagine a small school district that is amassing millions of dollars – some $10 million – as a rainy day reserve while classroom needs go unmet.

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CTA State Council Votes Overwhelmingly to Recommend Joan Buchanan in SD 7

(Photo above) Then-Assembly Education Chair Joan Buchanan (at right) discusses key budget and education issues with a team of CTA member advocates at the state Capitol last year.
Representing more than 325,000 educators, the 800-member governing body of the California Teachers Association at its January meeting in Los Angeles overwhelmingly voted to support former Assembly Education Chair Joan Buchanan for State Senate District 7.

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President's State of State Underscores Importance of Free Community Colleges

In his January 20th State of the Union address, President Barack Obama echoed the voices of educators in California and across the nation when he called for free community college educations for all.
CTA and the NEA have long held that no student should be priced out of higher education attendance and students should not be burdened by educational debt.

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Educators Support Bipartisan Plan to Boost Learning Time

Educators support a bipartisan congressional proposal that would ensure greater educational opportunity for all students by reducing federally mandated tests.

The Student Testing Improvement and Accountability Act, the measure by U.S. Representatives Chris Gibson (R-NY) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), would reduce the federal role in testing by more than 50 percent and restore “grade span testing.”

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Nominate a Justice Activist for NEA’s Prestigious New Award

The National Education Association is looking for one exceptional member who has demonstrated the ability to lead, organize, and engage educators, parents and the community on social justice issues that affect our students and schools.

Do you know an outstanding activist who has had a positive impact on students, educators, and the community?

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Celebrate Kindness and Combat Bullying During No Name-Calling Week

This coming week is an excellent time to help students understand the importance of treating each other kindly and with dignity. That’s a key message embraced by the Association and 60 national organizations that have partnered with the Gay, Lesbian Straight Education Network to proclaim Jan. 19-23 as No Name-calling Week.

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