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President Dean E. Vogel


A passionate consensus-builder, proven leader and teacher, CTA President Dean E. Vogel strongly believes California must engage educators more in policy decisions, and that by fighting to improve the working conditions of educators across the state, the union can improve the learning conditions of all students.

Dean E. Vogel

He believes that if you want to know how a child learns to read, ask a teacher, not a bureaucrat. If you want to know how a student can better achieve a college education, ask a school counselor, not a politician. It’s time to take back the teaching profession from billionaire education reformers who have no real understanding of the everyday dynamics of teaching and learning, Vogel contends. Drawing on his 39 years as an educator and award-winning counselor, Vogel has insights into many levels of public education gleaned from his rich experience as a public school teacher and counselor at the elementary and higher education levels. He has taught all elementary grades, including kindergarten, and has trained counselors and student teachers.

He speaks out against the scapegoating of educators and the glorification of high-stakes testing. As CTA vice president, he served as chair of CTA’s vital Public Education Funding Workgroup the past few years, helping to develop the union’s ongoing push for stable and sustainable public school funding. He also believes we must make real changes to the state’s tax structure so that the tax burden is equitable for all Californians.

 As CTA secretary-treasurer for four years, he oversaw the association’s budget and expenditures and began his statewide coalition work in earnest. Again and again, he has helped CTA fight off political and financial threats to our classrooms in recent years, speaking out in numerous debates and rallies, doing media interviews and walking precincts with state education leaders.

He understands educators and their needs. Since 1990, Vogel has been an elementary school counselor in the Vacaville Unified School District in Solano County, and understands, first-hand, the consequences of California having the fewest counselors per student of any public school system in the nation.

In Vacaville, he was a counselor’s counselor. As a master counselor for university field study students, he trained many pupils who went on to become school counselors. He helped to develop a unique community counseling center that was housed on the campus of a Vacaville elementary school, where it served students and the public.

For his commitment to counselors, he was named “Advocate of the Year” by the California Association of School Counselors in 2006.

He’s also taught extended education courses at three California State University campuses in Sacramento, Sonoma, and Hayward, and at the University of California at Davis. In addition, he spent 10 years as a resident teacher in the University of California Teacher Education Program, working with student teachers and helping the university develop its program for pre-service and in-service educators.

His counseling work was preceded by a teaching career of some 18 years in Vacaville, where he was named a local teacher of the year and was one of the first mentor teachers in Vacaville Unified.

His dedicated CTA service in a variety of positions demonstrates his commitment to the power of union work and organizing. He chaired the CTA crisis assistance panel that aids members working for better compensation and classroom conditions across the state. His activism with the Vacaville Teachers Association included three years as president. He was elected to the statewide CTA Board of Directors in 1996, representing 20,000 educators in nine Northern California counties.

A graduate of public schools, Vogel was born in Idaho and grew up in Chino in Southern California. He earned a bachelor of science degree in social sciences from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and received his elementary teaching credential from UC Davis. At CSU-Sacramento, he earned a master’s in education/group dynamics and a pupil personnel services credential.

He lives in Davis in Yolo County with his wife, Nancy Hiestand, who is a retired teacher from the Vacaville district, where the two educators met on the job. Vogel has three grown daughters and eight grandchildren.

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