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General Instructions & Procedures for CTA Liaisons

A. THE ONLY WAY TO SUBMIT YOUR REPORT IS ONLINE - A copy will automatically be sent to Ken Burt and to Dawn Basurto. The Liaison Report Form is linked here. Please note: you must file an individual report. Group reports are not acceptable. If you have attachments with a deadline approaching, please fax the attachments to: (916) 325-9045; otherwise please send the attachments via U.S. mail. Confidential material including all comments that are not generally published should be sent by a separate e-mail to kburt@cta.org and labeled confidential.

B. If you are unable to attend meeting(s): Please e-mail CTA Vice President Eric Heins at Eheins@cta.org. Please give at least 10 days notice with a copy to Ken Burt at kburt@cta.org, so a replacement can be designated and the person can be informed of the specifics of the meeting. Currently there are five alternate liaisons to assist in this regard.

C. All conferences must be approved, even if the conference is part of your liaison assignment. There must be advanced approval for each instance.  Please send an e-mail request to attend a conference to kburt@cta.org and it will be forwarded to the Vice President for approval.

D. Attendance will be taken. Effective October 12, 2007, and until further notice, attendance will be taken three times: at the Networking, Training, and State Council committee meeting. Effective September 9, 2009, as liaison you are expected to stay through Saturday and attend a committee meeting. Each liaison has been assigned to a State Council committee. The individual liaison is given the flexibility to stay through Sunday should he/she chooses to do so.

E. Registration for State Council is done on-line. Until further notice, the State Council Member Housing Guidelines, which can be found on the back of the State Council Hotel Reservation form, apply to all liaisons attending meetings in conjunction with Sate Council. An exception to the guidelines will be made for those liaisons arriving Thursday before the Friday liaison meeting. CTA will pay for a single room if no roommate has been assigned for that Thursday evening only. Preferred roommates are assigned with the KNOWLEDGE AND AGREEMENT of the person named. If the person you select is not in agreement, another person will be assigned as your roommate. Registration is now being done online. If you have not received a notice please call the Governance Department at (650) 552-5300.

F. Please keep your information current. Please be sure to check the current copy of the Liaison Roster to make sure the information concerning you is correct. Should your information change, please notify Ken Burt at kburt@cta.org.

G. No report, no expense reimbursement.  All member expense statements should be mailed to the address listed below. Please note your online report must be filed before your expenses are approved. Note: Except in the case of the four general liaison meetings. For a speedy reimbursement, please assure that all receipts are stapled to the expense statement. Send to:

Ken Burt, CTA
1118 10'" Street
Sacramento, California 95814

Please use the member expense form on-line. Be sure to completely fill out the top of your expense form. Frequently missed areas include correct dates and complete addresses. In the section "If other than State Council meeting, give the name of the staff member who arranged for the meeting" put Ken Burt unless it was a meeting with someone else.

H. Calendar Issues - If you have additional meeting dates and or change(s) of meeting date(s) for your group, please call our office at (916) 325-1530.

I. Liaison members who need release time. The procedure for obtaining release time is as follows. Our office will send a letter on behalf of the CTA Secretary-Treasurer for you to your district; you will receive a copy by e-mail. To do this, you need to notify Ken Burt of the date(s) you need release time, the meeting you are attending and to whom the letter should be addressed, i.e., the name, title, school district, and address. It is suggested you e-mail to kburt@cta.org or fax it to the attention of Ken Burt at (916) 325-9045. Please give at least ten 10 days notice.

GOVERNMENTAL RELATIONS 1118 10TH STREET. SACRAMENTO, CA 95814-3504; (916) 325-1500 LEGISLATIVE RELATIONS; FAXES: (916) 325-1583 & (916) 325.1584


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