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Grade Level: 5-6
Region: 3
Student: Jonathan Soto
Teacher: Floramie Torres
Chapter: Montebello TA


Cesar Chavez My Inspiration


Cesar Chavez was a great leader and hero. He helped the farm workers who worked long hours for less pay; he assisted others from getting poisoned by the farmer’s pesticides. During his mission he exemplified three traits which are self-determination, standing up for what’s right, and empowerment. I will tell you what he did and how his determination has inspired me.

The first trait was self-determination. Cesar was so determined to fight for the farm workers that he accomplished The Labor Relations Act in 1975. His self-determination has inspired me to complete school, so I can have a better future. When I was in 5th grade I had so much trouble on the science section of the CST that I wanted to quit, but then I decided to not give up like Cesar Chavez didn’t. So I studied and the next day I knew what to do. His determination has been an inspiration for me not to quit working, so I can accomplish something that will help my family and me. He has been a role model for me not to give up and do whatever it takes to accomplish what I desire.

The second trait he possesses is standing up for what’s right. He used his strengths to stop the use of pesticides that poisoned grapes and killed farm workers. He helped ban the use of short tools that force farm workers to bend down all day. His character has helped me to get what I deserve in a peaceful conduct, from someone who really doesn’t want to see me succeed. It has also inspired me to not be pushed over by someone who’s bigger than me. I recall when I was in 1st grade, someone who was bigger than me was making fun of my name. I was scared he might hurt me if I didn’t do what he wanted me to do, but just as Cesar stood up for what’s right, I just tried to stay away from him and ignore him. It worked. His strong belief has taught me and inspired me to stand up for myself and to fight peacefully for something I rightfully earned.

The last character quality, but not least, he was empowered. He was confident and went on a no grape strike where he proved “Si se puede.” Through the strike, he showed strength and commitment to fight for his people. He proved that he was empowered and was fighting for something he believed in. I recall at seven years old in 2nd grade my mom had signed me up for baseball. I went up to bat and because I was small, I had to be given a t-ball stand to hit the ball and the rest of the kids would make fun of me. I then began practicing with my dad to hit the ball solo, without the stand. I conquered! Soon during the game, I showed everyone that I didn’t need the t-ball stand anymore. I know now that I can empower others to do their best too. Just like Cesar went out on the strike to help others, his example empowered me to go help those less fortunate. This Thanksgiving holiday, my family and I went to downtown Los Angeles on Skid Row and volunteered to feed the homeless. I felt empowered as I made a small difference in people’s life that day. I feel it is only right to give to those that are not as fortunate as I am and I have made a promise to myself to donate anything that I don’t have any need for, like clothes I have outgrown, or toys I don’t play with anymore.

Cesar Chavez did all of this to help the farmers and the people in the 1900’s. He’s still helping people during this time like me. He couldn’t have done all of this without using self-determination, standing up for what’s right, and empowerment. If it wasn’t for him, bad things could have happened back then and now. I am glad for what he did and how it made a major improvement to other lives.

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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