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Grade Level: 3-4
Region: 1
Student: Madeleine Monkman
Teacher: Johnna M. Laird
Chapter: Fremont Unified Dist. TA

A Very Helpful Man


Cesar Chavez was a great man who helped migrant farm workers get better treatment. Although he died before I was born, Cesar Chavez still has a very big impact on my life. He still lives on in me when I stand up for other people’s rights and help people in need.

When I think of helping people in need, I think of my church and how we support Heifer International, an organization that gives animals to people in need. The animals provide food to make the family’s lives better. Eventually, the children can go to school because the family can finally afford it; they can have a better life. When I donate, I feel that somebody else will get good things. Sometimes, though, I want the money all to myself. Then I think about what the money will go to. I think about the children’s faces when they get their animal. In the end, I put the money in the donation basket. I feel like there is hope. Donating reminds me of Cesar Chavez. I think he would like it that I contribute. Last year for Christmas, my family and I bought a certificate to honor my grandmother and gave a goat to help a family in need. It was our little way to make a difference.

In my church, we also help Puente to support migrant farm workers who live near us on the San Mateo Coast. We collected money for toys, clothes, toiletries, soap and shampoo. Right now, we are collecting money to help farm workers buy new bicycles and fix their old ones. I think Cesar Chavez would like that I have worked with Puente because we are helping people he helped. He wanted to make their lives better, and so do I.

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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