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Grade Level: 7-8
Student: Zachary Allen
Teacher: Nancy Thomas
Chapter: Guerneville School TA




Cesar Chavez was an inspirational man who used nonviolent means to give farm workers simple rights like clean water, breaks, fair wages at least at minimum wage, and be noticed as human beings, not tools. Cesar gathered people one-by-one to join the cause for the rights of the workers. He and the farm workers protested for weeks, months, and years. They picketed and boycotted making some grape growing companies surrender and sign a contract saying that those rights will be given to the farm workers.

Eventually Cesar thought of something. He thought that instead of protesting down in Delano, he would march all the way to Sacramento. Some farm workers thought that he was going a little ahead of himself but, Cesar didn’t know that what he was about to do would not only give farm workers in California those rights but, would give those rights to all farm workers across the country.

My poster represents the long, hard march to Sacramento. It shows people picketing in front of the California Capitol in Sacramento. The drawing of California shows how far Cesar marched and how determined he was to receive the rights they all deserved. The scroll represents the words they chanted “viva la causa, viva la huelga!”.

Cesar Chavez has inspired me a whole lot. That instead of ever using violence to solve something, I would use a different approach, as in solve it in a peaceful way. Whenever my family and I go somewhere in Santa Rosa or Sebastopol, we always see grape orchards. Since I learned Cesar, I realize how horribly mistreated they were. If I was Cesar I would have done the same thing, VIVA CESAR!

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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