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Grade Level: 3-4
Region: 1
Student: Sydney Weiss
Teacher: Heidi Bownas
Chapter: San Ramon Valley EA



Cesar Chavez

Cesar Chavez has greatly affected the way we live, by not only giving rights to migrant farm workers but also by teaching us important life lessons to live by, such as… “Yes, you can”, “everyone deserves fair treatment”, “never give up” and “everyone achieves more working together.” When I was in second grade I learned about Cesar Chavez and was immediately fascinated and amazed by his story. Though every year I learn more and more details about him; the principals he stood for remain the same and are just as important. It is utterly amazing that people, who at that time barely had any authority, grouped together to make change.

My picture is a timeline of Cesar Chavez’s life. I think to truly understand the lessons he showed, you need to know his story. My picture represents all the times that were, in my opinion, important. The part that takes place in Arizona is Cesar and his family and at the end of the timeline there is Cesar and his family as an adult: this symbolizes a happy ending and the reward of putting a lot of effort into making a difference. The other parts of the timeline are the important parts of the Migrant Farm Workers Association; they represent the steps, time and effort it all takes to make a difference.

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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