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Grade Level: Higher Ed 
Rocio Juarez
Teacher: Alicia Romero
Chapter: California Faculty Association





Cesar Chavez had a bright vision of the future for farm workers; however, he did not pursue and accomplish this vision and goal alone as the following were the factors to achieving success: teamwork, collaboration, and self-determination through unionization – this is what my painting represents. In the foreground of the mural, the hands of two adults, male and female, with the children resting their hands over those of the adult arms represent collaboration and teamwork that ultimately resulted to unionization for the cause. The arms of the adults are filled with healed scars to show how hard farmworkers worked, which was a great spark to Cesar Chavez’s determination. I put the interaction of these arms in the foreground and overlap the scenery to represent the naturally embedded union that touched the farmworkers amongst each other, as well as a reflection for the rest of the farmworkers who suffered the same way. The male holding a cloth of the Union flag and the eagle symbol on the backs of the farmworkers and in the sunrise further represent unionization for the cause. It was a symbol farmworkers exposed with great pride that represented their alliance. The golden eagle within the sun and scenery within the dawn of the day represent the luminous unionization for the cause and the realization through it that shun amongst farmworkers and within Cesar Chavez. Cesar Chavez hovers over the scenery as a large figure to represent dominance as it is his vision and he was determined to realize it, and his hands placed over the sun to show the vision and the realization of success belongs to him through the forging of collaboration, teamwork, and unionization. I used warm colors for this painting overall to represent the warmness of Cesar Chavez’s vision and realization. It was a great vision he had as his thoughts reached out towards the struggling families and members of all ages who worked in the fields, such as the Grape fields – which the grapes in the background represent – that deserved justice from suffering cruel working treatments and conditions. I painted the background black and the grapes diffused and blending into the black background to represent the darkness of the harsh cruel working conditions Chavez, as well as all farmworkers, endured. I placed the grapes on the back of Cesar Chavez stretching over the shoulders to represent those burdens he and farmworkers faced in the grape fields. The grapes seek to stretch and consume Chavez in the background but I painted the grapes to stop at his shoulders as the scenery is the force, or rather light that stops the darkness.

Cesar Chavez’s concept of teamwork and collaboration are ethics I use and is emphasized on a daily basis at work. I work in a company that sells top designer shoes for discounted prices. The working staff I work with make collaboration and teamwork a main priority, for it is what gives great results. On the infamous Black Friday of this year, our sale goal was to merely reach 3%. At the end of the day, our collaboration and teamwork with procedure for both customer service and store organization contributed to exceed our sales goal to 103%. From then on, we have been meeting above sales goals because of our teamwork and collaboration, even on our slow days. One can make all the difference, but if one gathers a set of individuals with the same ethics, that difference can become even greater resulting in grand results.

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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