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Grade Level: 9-12
Region: 1
Student: Jiovanny Soto
Teacher: Stacie Allen
Chapter: Rohnert Park Cotati EA




Crystal Sight

Work is tough and never ending. Day after day, every sweat drop and tear drop is not done in vain. To many people think work is easy to find and not too difficult to do. Unfortunately those people have either residency or citizenship or hook ups with close friends or family members. There was a day when being an immigrant was the worst possible case to be in. Being an immigrant usually represented isolation, deception, discrimination and a life full of struggle.

This is a simple but time consuming stipple art work. I chose to make my art piece a stipple to show the patience one has to accomplish a goal. The stipple is supposed to show an eye, a tree with a small heart and César E. Chávez as the pupil.

The eye belongs to a Latino. It is full of stress, hope and misjudgments. The stress is evidently visible; it was caused by lack of sleep and having to think about how his family will eat and shelter the next day. The pupil represented by César E. Chávez is surrounded by a dry autumn tree. The dried up tree represents the Latinos, and the heart represents that César was the core making all of the fights towards the American dream they all shared. The Latino culture was pretty much dead, much like the tree. With Mr. Chavez’s help it began to sprout in all directions, once more full of life and hopes.

The poorly cared for eye lashes are easily misjudged as poor maintenance. Many people don’t take the time to get to know the poor Latino and their life full of worry and struggle. Like many immigrants around the world, he puts his family before himself.

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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