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Grade Level: 5-6
Region: 3
Student: Issael Juarez
Teacher: Jose Cruz Rangel
Chapter: Baldwin Park EA



When you are working outside in the heat, tired, you wish to go under a tree for its shade to protect you from the heat and sit against its trunk. Farmworkers worked in these kinds of conditions. They worked in the fields in the heat where there were no trees to go under and rest. I painted the farmworkers and a bright sun to represent how workers worked in the heat. It was these kinds of working conditions that farmworkers protested. I painted farmworkers protesting on the left side of the painting to show that. Those who protested, including Cesar Chavez himself, would get threatened with the owners of the fields with guns, but those threats and attacks did not stop Cesar Chavez or farmworkers.

Cesar Chavez too worked in these fields. I painted him in the painting as well. He is in the middle where he is bending over with thinking clouds leading to the tree. He is wishfully thinking to become a tree to provide shade for the rest of the farmworkers in the field. He wants to protect them from the heat. I painted houses in the tree too as Chavez wished to provide better living conditions as well. Farmworkers did not have real homes made of brick and wood. They lived in shacks made of cardboard and scraps like the one I Painted in the right side of the fields of my painting. I also painted Cesar Chavez’s image as a tree because trees are very strong because of their roots and their size. They are very hard to cut down and make them fall. I think of Cesar Chavez as a tree because his roots made him strong and hard to break and make him fall. He gave his life to help farmworkers everywhere. He gave his seeds and bark for farmworkers to have better living and working conditions. Cesar Chavez was the tree that provided better shade, or shelter for farmworkers forever.

Cesar Chavez’s actions to give farmworkers better living and working conditions inspire me. I love animals. I have taken in two dogs because I wanted them to live better lives and give them homes. I have also taken lots of cats in my home because they were abandoned on the street as babies and I did not have the heart to leave them on the street alone. Also, I volunteer in my classroom to help my teacher to help my classmates to understand the work we are given. I also help my teacher to help organize the classroom, that way things can run better for him and my classmates.

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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