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Grade Level: 5-6
Region: 1
Student: Chloe Backshall
Teacher: Sandra Isbell
Chapter: San Ramon Valley EA




The Puzzle

Mexican migrant farm workers were treated inhumanly. Why were they treated so badly? Why were they treated like slaves? Why were the working conditions so poor? Finding the solution was a struggle, and wouldn’t have happened without the dedication of a great hero, Cesar Chavez.

“The Puzzle” was created in honor of all of the challenging and puzzling experiences Cesar Chavez had throughout his life.

The black background stands for the dark experiences he had when he was a migrant farm worker and all those times when he was feeling down. He never stopped believing in himself and his family, and that gave him the strength to fight for the migrant workers’ rights. It made him a proud and powerful man.

We all know that if we lose a piece to a puzzle the puzzle cannot be finished. That is like Cesar’s life. There were a lot of times when something went wrong or hope seemed lost, and without his strength and determination, everything could fall apart. Cesar Chavez’s life was complicated and stressful but he never lost faith, and he never gave up.

The red flag with the eagle represents the association that Cesar Chavez co-founded. It is called the United Farm Workers Association (UFW). It brought together all of the migrant farm workers and together they fought for their rights, better working conditions, and better wages.

The last part of my picture is a sketch of Cesar Chavez. He is a very special man and will go down in history for his leadership, determination, and strength. His work has affected millions of people, and provides hope for millions more to come.

No matter how difficult life’s “puzzles” are, we can all learn a lot from Cesar Chavez’s accomplishment and his motto: “Si Se Puede.” Whether as a country struggling in tough times or as a 5th grader learning about life, the positivity of “Yes We Can” is what we all need.

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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