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Grade Level: 7-8
Region: 3
Student: Angelica Viramontes
Teacher: Silvia Liggins
Chapter: Montebello TA




Cesar Chavez was a kind hearted person who worked hard for the migrant fieldworkers and he still inspires us today! My artwork is about him and the hard work he and everyone did. The hand represents the food that feeds us, grown from the hands of farmworkers! The glove in the tree with United States flag in it expresses how he grabbed the nation’s attention! The fields and the airplane spraying pesticides represents how the field workers were being sprayed on by pesticides and how there were no breaks or restrooms and no clean water. The flag that has the black eagle shows endurance and the united people. The picket signs were drawn on the floor because they were thrown after they got equal rights. Finally I sketched Cesar Chavez at the top looking down supervising everything! I enjoyed learning about Cesar Chavez because of what he did for equal rights and how he never went to school, worked at the fields at a young age and how he helped all the migrant field workers for their equal rights and that how he inspired me!

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