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Grade Level: 7-8
Region: 2
Student: Alexandra Ventura
Teacher: Roxi Romo
Chapter: Bakersfield Elementary TA




My drawing illustrates Cesar Chavez’s journey from childhood to adulthood. If you look into the sunset, it depicts Cesar Chavez as a very young boy maturing into a man who led many. In addition, the drawing symbolizes the hardships that many migrant farm workers face while cultivating, sowing, and harvesting the land. Moreover, Cesar Chavez is portrayed as an influential non-violent leader who organized many and rallied thousands. It is as if one can almost hear the outcry of the crowds chanting, “Huelga! Huelga!”

Unfortunately, on April 23, 1993, Cesar Chavez passed away in San Luis, Arizona. Many people were heartbroken and marched in solidarity to commemorate his life. His legacy lives on through his hard work and perseverance. Presently, his efforts inspire and affect the lives of many by improving the inhumane working conditions and raising safety standards for migrant farm workers and their families. Cesar Estrada Chavez’s enduring message “Si Si Puede” and his non-violent methods will forever live on.

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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