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Grade Level: 9-12
Region: 3
Student: Eric Gomez
Teacher: Jeanne Brostrom
Chapter: Baldwin Park EA


César Chávez Essay


Although I am not of any Mexican descent, I believe that all Hispanics and Latinos come from the same people. We were all Indians who lived happy lives without the distraction of modern civilization. The world was changing around us, and other people did not find our lives to be fitting or civilized in their eyes. For thousands of years, our people have been degraded and caused to live harsh lives. My family migrated to America because of the war that was causing death in El Salvador. Our people were given guns; our people were killing their own people. People believe that in order for someone to relate to César Chávez you have to be from Mexican descent or were merely a farmer, all of these assumptions are entirely incorrect. Those who have a vision to change and make something great of the things that they believe in could associate or relate with César Chávez. His work inspires me because he was a person who united people who were able to see their position in life improved. César Chávez had a vision, and many people have visions; but they are not able to empower their visions. César Chávez knew that people were not measured by the teaspoons of their education, but instead by what they wanted to do and what they were determined to achieve. In those times, education was rare for a Mexican or anyone of Latin or Hispanic descent to achieve.

Most Hispanics and Latinos only had the choice of working in conditions that were harsh. People in those times felt that they were not measured by what education they obtained, but instead by the deeds they completed and their spiritual success. There was no nourishment nor employment that could be provided to these people by César Chávez; instead, he fed them with the vision to one day prosper with their determination to strive past what they were only given. My family came to this country with nothing but rags and determination to have a safer and better life.

The people who believed in César Chávez did not have anything of great value in a materialistic perspective, but what they did have is hope and faith. César Chávez believed that people should act for themselves and not be like other people; my parents did the same; many did not want to leave their homeland. However, my parents did not want to follow the example of others; they knew that they had to do what is right. They had to find a way to come to the land of the free. The way here to the United States would be hard; my parents did not have any money. The war was going on horribly; many people in different villages were being killed. My mother has a vision of one day having my brother and me; and she knew that in El Salvador it would not be the safest place to have us both. They were not imitators; they were both their own individualities. They swam through snake-filled rivers and almost ended in starvation and thirst; but the hunger they had for freedom outranked every single bodily necessity.

César Chávez dropped out of school at a very young age; he did not have the opportunity to succeed academically. César Chávez earned his education in a different manner; he did this by obtaining experience in life, itself. My parents came to this country, and they, as well, did not have the opportunity for an education; they struggled and had to find a way to nourish themselves. The chain reaction that has led from César Chávez’s impact on the Hispanic and Latino races is that they were given a different perspective. César Chávez believed that people of our race should be given an opportunity in whatever we desired to accomplish, and that we should not have to endure harsh circumstances because of who we were. My parents did not want to suffer the violence that was occurring in their home country, and that is why they fled. They did feel that they had to endure the harsh environment that the war was creating. They fled and ran to accomplish what they believed was right. Their belief was to find a way to live a better life. The conditions that they were forced to live were harsher than those people endured here in the United States.

My parents’ vision to obtain a better life, to strive for the best, was accomplished, just like César Chávez wanted to find better work conditions for the farmers who worked here like slaves. My parents struggled through starvation, poverty, and lack of support, all because they had a vision for their children to have a different life, a better life. I am here today, learning in my classes, and making a difference. My parents were not given any opportunity at all to fulfill their personal dreams. My parents, like César Chávez, fought for what they believed. I admire my parents and César Chávez because they both fought for my future and contributed to my education. I was given the opportunity to become educated in an environment that is not facing any harsh conditions and one that is equal amongst all.

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