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Grade Level: 5-6
Region: 2
Student: Jessika Guizar
Teacher: Karen Klein
Chapter: Ceres Unified TA


César Estrada Memorial Education Awards Essay


César Chávez was a compassionate, caring, and dedicated leader. Although Chávez died in his sleep at the age of 66 on April 23, 1993, farm workers appreciate his hard work that changed their lives. Chávez settled matters in a non-violent way to fight for what’s right for the farm workers. An example was the grape boycott. Also, he made it safe for all Mexicans to go to school without being threatened or scolded. Thanks to Chávez, Mexicans can learn without being told “they are a clown”.

César Chávez formed a union, and the farm workers joined him. He formed the union to stop racism and to protect the multitude of farm workers working hard, caring for our food. César Chávez knew how life being a farm worker felt. All the Chávez family had to work to get a small portion of the food, while the farmers had plenty to eat. César Chávez did us a huge favor, now people get paid a fair wage to do their work, and with their money, they could buy whatever they desire, food and clothes.

The farm workers faced living in box houses, having no heating and air conditioning, and putting up with outdoor toilets. Today, we live in cement homes, with heating and air, and indoor toilets to keep us from suffering. When the farm workers worked, no shade was provided, no medical, if one got hurt, “too bad”. Pesticides were sprayed on the crops while workers were in the fields and many became seriously ill. Also, there were no breaks so that means no lunch and no shade. But if you are a farm worker today, everything is different, thanks to the work of Mr. Chávez. You would return home after a hard day’s work, but shade would be provided, as well as a break for lunch. Medical is now provided, so if you get injured, you are taken care of. Planes are not flying overhead spraying chemicals on you while you work.

In my opinion, if I were a farm worker today, or in the past, I would act like César Chávez and fight for what I think is right. What I think is right is to take a stand against racism and for farm workers to be treated like you would want to be treated. Farm workers are humans too, they have feelings and opinions. Although they might not be able to know what you are saying in English, they know what you do to them. I thank César Chávez for providing food on my table and for making it easier for the Hispanic people of today to find work. Not only that, but to have a job with benefits. Gracias, Señor Chávez.

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