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Grade Level: 3-4
Region: 2
Student: Jeffrey Hernandez
Teacher: Eloisa Arellano
Chapter: Fresno TA


César Chávez


The life of Cèsar Chàvez helped me to understand how difficult is the life of farmworkers. My father told me that I need to finish my school because the work in the field is very hard. I learned too that helping other people is very good like give food to the homeless, donate cans of food to the food bank, donate clothes to the stores that give help to the poor families. When I go to the church I give some money. In my school I helped my friends. Cèsar Chàvez taught us how to fight for our rights peacefully. There are many different ways to help. The only thing is open our heart and help. Cèsar Chàvez made a lot of things for all farm workers and for the poor people. When I grow up I’d like to be like Cèsar Chàvez to help the people. But first I’d like to help my parents and all my family. I learned of Cèsar Chàvez too that we need to fight very hard for our dreams, it’s not important that you are rich or poor to make your dreams reality. I learned that we have to be together all the Latin community to make the differences between other communities because the union makes the force and Cèsar Chàvez said si se puede! Cèsar Chàvez to me is like a hero.

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