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Grade Level: 3-4
Region: 2
Student: Daniela Hernandez
Teacher: Eloisa Arellano
Chapter: Fresno TA


César Chávez


Hi! I am Daniela and I will talk about Cèsar Chàvez. Cèsar was born in Arizona on March 31, 1927. He was named after his grandfather, Cesario. His grandfather worked in a farm in Mexico. Cèsar’s parents owned a farm. When he grew older he married Helen Fabela. Cèsar moved with his family to California. And they could not find jobs there. Cèsar went back to working in the fields. He was a nice and helpful man. He told people not to buy or sell grapes. Cèsar did something so the people could stop selling or buying the grapes that they were eating. Cèsar worked so hard to make the people stop selling grapes they were wasting a lot of money that they really needed. Cèsar did a lot of things to stop what they were doing but the people did not stop selling the grapes. Cèsar knew many workers still needed help. Cèsar traveled all over. He wanted to know everything about helping the workers. People all over began to support the workers. The workers worked so hard to get enough money. Cèsar did not give up helping the workers. He died on April 22, 1993 in Arizona. In 1999, Cèsar was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

I learned from Cèsar many things. I learned new things that I have never heard of. For example, when I am older I will be just like Cèsar Chàvez, he did a lot of good things for people. Also, I will treat people nice the way he did. I learned that Cèsar Chàvez was a nice man and that he worked so, so hard. Something else that I learned from him was that he never gave up, he still kept on going and working hard even though he had a hard time in life.

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