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Grade Level: 7-8
Region: 1
Student: Rachel Munzar
Teacher: Susan Ze
Chapter: Livermore EA


César Chávez


Envision this: a girl; a black girl; walking to school. The white children begin to laugh at her, call her names, and throw fruits and vegetables at her brand new school dress, hand sewn by her mother. Stains erupt all over the skirt and tears form in her big brown eyes. Laughs of the other children echo in her ears as she runs home crying. This is exactly the type of behavior that César E. Chávez was determined to wipe out of the world. I believe that this vision was meant for our own good, so that we may love and be loved. Discrimination is always wrong, and César believed that. Therefore, he spread the word of love and care all around America, touching many of us deeply and creating a long lost peace among the people of America. His heartfelt protests and walks all throughout the country brought people to think about all the wrongdoing in the world.

I hope to see all creatures living by the example of a true American, portrayed by César Chávez. I hope this because I was sharing the same feelings as the little black girl at school not so long ago. “Popular” kids at school used to make fun of me because of the clothes I wore, how I looked, and the fact that I took baths instead of showers. Even now, when I wear clothes that are in the “mode” and shower instead of bathe, my ears catch rumors flying around telling about how I am weird or ugly. This is wrong and hurtful not only to me, but also to other beings like me. My younger siblings often come home telling tales of how the “cool” kids said that their clothes didn’t match or how so and so said not to brush their hair in a certain way, only because they thought that it looked weird. My heart goes out not only to my siblings experiencing this, but to all who have gone through some sort of discrimination. César Chávez would have surely found a way to stop bullies from gaining the control of the weaker beings. Standing among the hurt and lonely, César would find a way to stop the bullies and comfort the upset people. I can assure you that I would, today, be standing alongside César Chávez comforting those who were hurt and standing up to those bullies.

Even though César can no longer be here to help us spread the virus of real care that he created, we can still help this world recover from its bad ways. I hope that all living in the world today will remember César E. Chávez and what he did to light the spark of love in America forever.

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