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Posted February 12, 2014 in Site Pages

Attorney General Gets it Right 20140212

California voters deserve a no-spin, just-the-facts version of what a ballot measure is all about from the attorney general. And that’s just what they got from Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris last month...

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Posted November 20, 2013 in CCA Advocate

CalSTRS pensions provide $11 billion boost to state's economy, study shows

Majority of benefits spent in California

The next time teachers’ pensions are attacked as being the cause of economic ruination, consider countering that retirement benefits paid by...

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Posted September 09, 2011 in California Educator

Pension Truth Squads set record straight

With attacks against public pensions escalating, a cadre of retired CTA members is joining forces with Pension Truth Squads that have been barnstorming the state.

Retired teachers in San...

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Posted December 14, 2011 in Site Pages

The Truth about Teachers' Retirement

All Californians should have a safe and secure retirement. The real problem is not that teachers, firefighters and other public servants have defined benefit plans, the problem is that private sector workers...

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Posted July 10, 2012 in California Educator


Your retirement is worth saving!

In the face of increasing attempts to roll back public employee pensions, CTA is working with other unions to persuade lawmakers to preserve retirement benefits. Through CTA-organized protests, press...

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Posted December 21, 2011 in CCA Advocate

Eight tips for your 403(b) and 457 plans

Start planning for retirement

By Diane Morte
CTA member benefits consultant

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your retirement financial goals including defined...

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