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Grades 6-8 Social Studies Activities

Help your child learn about people from different countries...

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Grades 6-8 Writing Activities

Play a writing game. Make a family game of discussing a special issue ...

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Rural Issues Conference

Rural Issues Conference.

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Urban Issues Conference

Urban Issues Conference.

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Special Election Issue

This election is so important. We have an opportunity to fight attacks on public education, stave off budget cuts and protect the middle class WHEN YOU VOTE. 


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Vote No on Propostion 6

CTA Board Members and teachers talk about why you should vote No on Proposition 6

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An Overview for 6th-12th Grade ELA and Content Area Teachers

WestEd's SchoolsMovingUp is pleased to assist the Secondary Literacy Partnership, formerly the Secondary Literacy Summit, in offering a second free webinar series to educators working with middle school and high school students. The series, ...

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SCTA Newsletter

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Bienvenidos | Comercial de Radio

Bienvenidos | Comercial de Radio

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"Welcome Back" | CTA Radio Ad

"Welcome Back" | CTA Radio Ad

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