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Posted October 22, 2013 in Site Pages

150th Gala

State Council and CTA's 150th Anniversary Gala.

Posted May 09, 2013 in the Blog

On this day: CTA turns 150!

CTA has been making a positive impact on education for 150 years now. Our victories during that time include the establishment of free public schools for all children, the creation of our

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53 Ways to Help Your Child Learn

Become a partner with your schools in teaching your child. You can work along with the teacher to spark curiosity, energy, and enthusiasm for learning.

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CTA remembers 50th anniversary of March on Washington

August 28, 2013 is the 50th anniversary of the historic March on Washington.

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CTA remembers 50th anniversary of March on Washington

This is an inspiring week for our country as we commemorate the 50th anniversary of March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in 1963 where, in front of more than 200,000 people, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech at the Lincoln Memorial. It was truly a teachable moment that changed the nation.

CTA has

Posted April 23, 2012 in California Educator


CTA's recommendations for the June 5 primary

CTA’s recommendations for the June 5 primary election

Now more than ever, support and VOTE for CTA’s recommended candidates.
Remember — your vote makes a difference....

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Rural Issues Conference

Rural Issues Conference.

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SB 1530: Where We Stand

CTA-opposed SB 1530 (Padilla) has cleared the California Senate and is scheduled for a hearing before the Assembly Education Committee on Wednesday, June 27. We must stop this anti-labor bill now, and...

Posted December 12, 2011 in Events

Issues Conference - 150 Years of Unity

This conference provides an opportunity for educators from rural, urban, and ESP local areas, throughout the state, to learn, share, strategize and unite together to determine the future of public...

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