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AB 1444 Frequently Asked Questions

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Posted February 23, 2011 in California Educator

Issues conference

Issues Conference creates conversations

More than 700 participants attended the CTA Issues Conference Jan. 14-16 in Las Vegas. This year marked the first consolidation of what had previously been three separate and popular conferences dealing...

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10th Annual Rural Issues Conference

What members had to say:

Larry Carlin
Live Oak Teachers Association
“Ten years ago we started the Rural Issues Conference and had a turnout of 100 members....

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Grades 6-8 Social Studies Activities

Help your child learn about people from different countries...

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Recommendations for the June 8 primary

Barbara Boxer

Edmund G. Brown Jr.

Gavin Newsom


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Grades 6-8 Writing Activities

Play a writing game. Make a family game of discussing a special issue ...

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Legislative Analyst: New Revenues Expected to Boost K-14 Funding by More Than $4 Billion

The Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) has released figures that reveal California public schools are likely to see an additional $4.3 billion over two years. The LAO charts reflect a change from...

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AB 1444 (Buchanan/Weber) – Sponsor Mandatory Kindergarten

AB 1444 helps to ensure that all students begin first grade fully prepared to take on the increased challenges of today’s elementary curriculum.

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Special Election Issue

This election is so important. We have an opportunity to fight attacks on public education, stave off budget cuts and protect the middle class WHEN YOU VOTE. 


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Vote No On Proposition 8

Proposition 8

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