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Our Union

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OUR UNION: Nearly 150 Years

"I want members to understand the power created when we gather together as one voice," says CTA President David A. Sanchez. "Because of our union, each of us can be heard."

Over the past...

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Do not ask for whom the union calls...

CCA activists will have an opportunity to make an even greater contribution to their union this spring by running for a position on the CCA Board of Directors.

The following CCA Board...

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Union Busting

Calling Prop 32 "deceptive and outrageous," a local opinion piece lays it on the line: "Coming soon to California schools near you: larger classes, fewer courses, and an end to sports and arts...

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Unions raise 10 million

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Viewpoints: Don't blame pension woes on unions

Recent discussions of public employee pensions give the impression that funding problems are unique to California and that the cause is overly generous benefits negotiated by the state's public employee...

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City Budget in the Red? Mayor Reed Blames the Unions!

Sacramento Bee Columnist Dan Walters has apparently come to believe the spin spun by the pension “reformers” who assert that cities’ fiscal woes are due to the high costs...

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Blame the teachers union

It has become fashionable to blame all of society's manifold sins and wickedness on “teachers unions,” as if it were possible to separate these supposedly evil organizations from the dedicated...

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Union Workers | No on 32

Union Workers | No on 32

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