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Posted May 14, 2014 in the News

Reading for fun drops dramatically among teens, report says

Reading among children is on the decline, with dramatically fewer teens and pre-adolescents reading even weekly, and many never picking up a book or magazine that's not assigned,

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Posted May 29, 2009 in Press Releases

California's Students Suffer Death By A Billion Cuts

As cuts to California’s students continue to be rolled out a dizzying pace, some may have trouble keeping up with the staggering total of cuts to education, which has now reached an unimaginable...

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Posted May 26, 2010 in California Educator

Ways to evaluate online curriculum

Whether purchased or for free, it’s not always easy to differentiate good online materials from mediocre. Glowing reviews may be accurate — or could be biased.

“It’s important to have...

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Posted April 21, 2010 in Press Releases

Stop Bill that Attacks Teachers, Deflects Attention from Real Problems Facing Schools

Sacramento - David A. Sanchez, president of the 325,000-member California Teachers Association, released this statement today calling on state Senators to vote No on Senate Bill 955 by Republican...

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Posted December 14, 2011 in Site Pages

Dispelling the Myth of the "Schools Suck Industry"

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Posted December 14, 2011 in Site Pages

Race to the Top

The Race to the Top regulations are more of the same one-size-fits-all approach of No Child Left Behind that has failed California students and schools for the last several years.

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Posted December 14, 2011 in Site Pages

Charter Schools

Inherent in the concept of charter schools is the belief that meaningful educational reform must be developed at the local site level and with the full participation of all “stakeholders”.

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Posted December 14, 2011 in Site Pages

Research: Charter Schools

A recent study in California found charter outcomes varied by type, with students in middle school charters scoring above and elementary charters scoring below their demographically similar counterpar...

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Posted December 14, 2011 in Site Pages

Education Reform

There is a great deal of discussion about education "reform" in the national media. Everyone seems to have an idea about how we should improve our public education system.

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