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Governmental Relations

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State Council walks the talk

Declaring that “we have right and truth on our side,” CTA President Dean Vogel asked State Council delegates to help defeat the Special Exemptions Act aimed at silencing our political voices...

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Mission Statement

Posted June 20, 2013 in California Educator


State Council: Debates amid celebrations

Policies and actions around school funding, adult education, Common Core standards and suspensions were debated in committee meetings, in hallways, and on the State Council floor. The governor’s...

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State Council OKs Teacher Evaluation Framework

Seldom do votes by CTA’s State Council get a standing ovation. The nearly 800 delegates rose from their chairs and applauded the unanimous approval of the new CTA Teacher Evaluation Framework,...

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President-elect's statement

At the February meeting of CTA’s State Council of Education, Dean E. Vogel was elected president of CTA. Vogel, a member of the Vacaville Teachers Association, is currently serving his second term...

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Posted April 30, 2009 in California Educator

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Pink Friday events statewide

Northern California

Several hundred school employees, parents, students and community members came to stand up for public schools in front of the state Capitol...

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Education Coalition Issues Statement of Principles on State Budget Proposal

Statement of principles for the 2013-14 state budget proposal issued by Education Coalition.

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CTA President's Statement on Governor’s 2008 State of the State

“It’s disappointing and certainly ironic that in the proclaimed ‘year of education,’ the governor is talking about cutting billions of dollars from our public schools. It’s not the conversation...

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CTA President David A. Sanchez's response to the controversial Los Angeles Times article

"Publishing the database assembled by the LA Times as an accurate measure of teacher effectiveness or even as a 'value-added'

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