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Posted June 10, 2014 in the News

Blockbuster tenure ruling left a few things out

A few observations about Tuesday’s ruling by a judge in Los Angeles declaring California’s teacher tenure and seniority laws unconstitutional: It was a blockbuster. It’s headed for

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Posted February 25, 2014 in Events

CTA State Council

CTA's top policy-making body is the State Council of Education. Meeting four times a year, the council's nearly 800 delegates elect the three state-level CTA officers and the CTA Board of Directors....

Posted June 18, 2014 in Press Releases

CTA Commends Legislature for Budget That Boosts Education Spending

More Transparency and Caps on District Reserves Will Channel Additional Dollars into Classrooms


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Posted June 24, 2014 in Press Releases

Educators Applaud Governor for Signing Bill to Streamline Teacher Dismissal Process while Keeping Students Safe

SACRAMENTO – Educators applauded the governor’s signing of legislation today – AB 215 by Assembly Member Joan Buchanan (D-Alamo) – that updates and streamlines California’s teacher discipline and dismissal process, sa...

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Posted September 23, 2011 in Press Releases

CTA Statement on Obama’s Waiver Plan For States Seeking No Child Left Behind Relief

BURLINGAME – Dean E. Vogel, president of the 325,000-member California Teachers Association, issued this statement today about President Obama’s...

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Posted September 09, 2011 in California Educator

'Parent trigger' law gets new regulations

In July, the State Board of Education (SBE) unanimously approved final regulations governing California’s controversial “parent trigger” law, legislation that allows petitions signed by a majority...

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Posted March 22, 2011 in California Educator

Labor-management summit highlights collaboration

The first-ever Advancing Student Achievement Through Labor-Management Collaboration conference was held Feb. 15-16 in Denver, and was attended by several CTA members who gave it mixed reviews. One...

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Posted February 24, 2011 in California Educator


‘Parent trigger’ launches firestorm in Compton

Update: On February 22, the Compton Unified School District Board of Education voted unanimously to reject Parent Revolution’s petition to turn McKinley Elementary over to management under...

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Posted January 25, 2011 in Press Releases

NEA welcomes spotlight on education during president’s State of the Union

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Posted November 23, 2010 in California Educator

Film sparks discussion of school reform in Vacaville

With the help of CTA Vice President Dean Vogel, Vacaville teachers in Solano County galvanized their community about education reform by screening the acclaimed new documentary film Race to...

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