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Posted December 14, 2011 in Site Pages


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Posted June 06, 2014 in the Blog

300 California Groups Back Common Core

Just as CTA members are reading their latest California Educator magazine all about the value and challenges of the Common Core State Standards, there is good news that more than 300 California business, nonprofit and children’s groups have si...

Posted September 05, 2013 in the Blog

Seeing the Common Core in Action

After years of seeing what No Child Left Behind has done, it was downright refreshing to visit 10 classrooms that were piloting the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for a story appearing in the

Posted May 31, 2012 in the Blog

We're No. 2 - And That's Nothing to Brag About: US Nearly Leads Developed World in Child Poverty

The United States leads every developed nation but one -- Romania -- in the percentage of its children living in poverty, according to a recently r...

Posted June 26, 2014 in Site Pages

Educators Press Lawmakers to Ensure Stability of Retirement System

Educators Press Lawmakers to Ensure Stability of Retirement System

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Posted August 26, 2013 in the Blog

Extreme Makeover: The Uncluttered Teacher

We had no idea what we would find when we walked into Steve Dillon’s classroom. At first glance, it didn’t look too cluttered aside from a messy desk and counter top, and I wondered if we had...

Posted February 06, 2014 in the Blog

California Districts Explore Alternatives to Student Suspension

A recently published article in the San Francisco Chronicle focuses on an issue that CTA members have been discussing for a long time: what kinds of effective steps can educators take to maint...

Posted December 14, 2011 in Site Pages

MB Forms Pubs

Posted December 14, 2011 in Site Pages

Stand with Wisconsin

CTA stands with our colleagues and public employees in Wisconsin whose collective bargaining rights are under attack by Gov. Scott Walker.

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Posted December 04, 2013 in the Blog

Here's Some Holiday Cheer to Help You Say "Bah, Humbug" to School Scrooges

They call themselves “reformers,” but most insiders know them as “corporate” front people.  They make their living by telling anyone who’ll...

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