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Posted June 11, 2014 in Media Center

Vergara Verdict Press Conference | CTA Secretary-Treasurer

CTA Secretary-Treasurer Mikki Cichocki-Semo speaks at the Vergara v. California decision press conference.

Posted April 23, 2012 in California Educator


20,000 receive 'precautionary' pink slips

One Bay Area teacher was five months pregnant when she got her pink slip last month. A Sacramento educator got hers for the fifth frustrating year in a row. And notices went to 28 of the 29 teachers...

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Posted March 27, 2012 in California Educator


Parent trigger misfires again

Attempts to invoke California’s controversial “parent trigger” law for the second time have again resulted in chaos, this time in the small High Desert community of Adelanto. The law, which allows...

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Posted March 23, 2012 in California Educator


Educators and community rocked by abuse allegations

On Jan. 31, educators and parents of Miramonte Elementary School in Los Angeles were stunned by the revelation that a former staff member, a classroom teacher, had been arrested and charged with committing...

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Posted June 20, 2011 in California Educator


Nineteen winners of John Swett Awards

A look at one man’s crusade to donate free school supplies to 150,000 needy...

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Posted September 15, 2010 in Press Releases

Teachers Give Meg Whitman a Math and Civics Lesson – CTA TV Ad Exposing Her Plan’s Cuts to Schools

BURLINGAME – Giving billionaire Meg Whitman a civics lesson about censorship, the TV ad she did not want anyone to see because it exposes Whitman’s plan that could cut another $7 billion from public...

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Posted June 30, 2010 in California Educator

Carney Marcotte

Sixteen winners of John Swett Awards

Stories ranging from a profile of a college-bound high school student fighting cancer who ended up in a speech by President Obama in Virginia about perseverance, to television coverage of CTA’s...

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Posted November 08, 2009 in Press Releases

Bill Signed to Secure Funding for State's QEIA Schools

BURLINGAME – The governor has signed a bill securing funding for this fiscal year for a successful eight-year program bringing extra resources to hundreds of lower-performing public schools thanks...

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Posted June 01, 2009 in California Educator

Bay Area rallies against Social Security offset law

For San Francisco Bay Area middle school teacher Karin Alexander, the decades-old injustice of educators in California and 14 other states being denied full Social Security benefits just because...

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Posted May 31, 2009 in California Educator

Obama and Pomona Village

President Obama visits Pomona Village Academy

Imagine your class produced a video called “Is Anybody Listening?” and it turned out the president of the United States was doing just that.

That’s what happened to Associated Pomona Teachers...

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