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Posted March 12, 2014 in Media Center

2014 NEA ESP of the Year | Paula Monroe

2014 NEA ESP of the Year | Paula Monroe

NEA President Dennis Van Roekel announced the 2014 NEA ESP of the Year Award Winner - Paula Monroe, former NEA Executive Committee member from California - on March 7.

Posted June 30, 2014 in Press Releases

NEA President: Supreme Court silences voices of working families

Harris v. Quinn ruling creates uncertainty, instability for economic prosperity

WASHINGTON—The Supreme Court of the United States today struck another blow...

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Posted June 23, 2014 in the News

UC Davis study finds link between pesticides, autism

Pregnant women who live near areas where agricultural pesticides are applied experience a higher risk of delivering children with autism or other developmental delays, a UC Davis study has found.

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Posted July 08, 2014 in Media Center

NEA Executive Director recognizes CTA for leading union-led change

At the 2014 NEA Representative Assembly in Denver, NEA Executive Director John Stocks recognizes CTA for leading union-led change.

Posted July 04, 2014 in the News

NEA Calls for Secretary Duncan's Resignation

Delegates to the National Education Association's annual convention passed a new business item July 4 calling for U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to resign.

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Posted June 27, 2014 in Media Center

Welcome New CTA Board Members

CTA welcomes new board members Jerry Eaton (District A), Sonia Martin-Solis (CTA/NEA Coordinating Director) and Sergio Martinez (District K).

Posted July 06, 2014 in the News

Departing NEA president blasts ‘incredible onslaught of corporate reformers’ — including Michelle Rhee

National Education Association President Dennis Van Roekel delivered his final keynote speech at the 2014 Representative Assembly of the nation’s largest teachers union,

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Posted February 25, 2014 in Events

CTA State Council

CTA's top policy-making body is the State Council of Education. Meeting four times a year, the council's nearly 800 delegates elect the three state-level CTA officers and the CTA Board of Directors....

Posted July 08, 2014 in Media Center

CTA President calls for Arne Duncan's resignation

CTA President Dean Vogel fired up the NEA Representative Assembly calling for US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan's resignation. 'New Business Item 23' - submitted by CTA calling for Duncan's resignation...

Posted March 30, 2014 in the News

Danville teacher inspires students by opening up their imaginations

When Kimberley Gilles teaches the classic Victorian novel "Great Expectations" to her students, it's hardly a prim and stuffy affair.

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