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Membership Planning

These resources have been specifically designed for you and your designees to plan a successful member recruitment and engagement program or supplement your current one.

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Membership drives strengthen local chapters

There’s value in joining

Do you know colleagues who aren’t members of your local faculty association? If so, maybe it’s time to convince them to join.


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Member Benefits

Member Benefits

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Member Services

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Sample Membership Survey

CTA's Community Engagement efforts help build strong ties in local communities.

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Member Services

This is sample Description required to be Modified.

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CTA Scholarship for Members

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Don't Know Who to Call to Help Kill Bad Dismissal Bill? Now You Do!

Educators can help defeat SB 1530 (Padilla), the CTA-opposed teacher dismissal bill, by making one phone call right now to their own State Assembly Member. The bill is now in the Assembly Education...

Posted August 30, 2012 in California Educator

CTA Economic Benefits Trust Member Welfare Benefit Plan

2010-11 Summary Annual Report

This is a summary of the annual report of the California Teachers Association Economic Benefits Trust Member Welfare Benefit Plan, EIN 94-0362310, Plan No....

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Member profile: Zoe Walrond, California Faculty Association

Zoe Walrond begins every KRFH Workshop class by having her students chant:

Give me a K!

Give me an R!


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