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Posted November 08, 2012 in Media Center

"CTA supported my local and all locals in getting out the vote..."

Lemon Grove Teachers Association member Michael Gabby talks about how supportive CTA was during the getting the vote out.

Posted December 21, 2011 in CCA Advocate

CCA creates membership grants for wall-to-wall chapters

Funds available right now

By Lynette Nyaggah, CCA Vice President

After a long and exciting day in front of a flip chart, the CCA Membership...

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Posted September 10, 2012 in Events

2012 CTA High Desert Service Center Council Fall Leadership Conference

This November, we will celebrate more than 20 years of advocacy and member education provided through CTA’s High Desert Service Center. Side by side with CTA, the High Desert Service Center...

Posted October 28, 2013 in Events

NEA ESP Conference

The NEA ESP conference is the premier professional development opportunity for Education Support Professionals across the nation. The goal of this conference is to enhance the skills and knowledge of...

Posted March 02, 2010 in Press Releases

Educators Mobilize for March 4 ‘Start the Day for Students’ Day of Action

BURLINGAME – In a groundswell of protests against devastating budget cuts to neighborhood schools and other critical services, California’s teachers, administrators, school employees, parents and students...

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Posted February 08, 2013 in California Educator


Bargaining Updates

Solidarity works: San Jose area teachers team up in contract fights

Collaboration works in the classroom and on the picket lines, educators in two adjacent San Jose school districts are learning...

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Posted May 14, 2012 in California Educator


The one and only community college ESP chapter

Diane Lewis didn’t start out as a union organizer. She didn’t come from a union family, and she wasn’t a union member in her previous job in broadcast journalism. But the Lake Tahoe...

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Posted March 27, 2012 in California Educator


Michelle Rhee takes her unproven reform ideas on the road

Who is Michelle Rhee? She’s not a Hollywood celebrity or an elected politician. But she is a self-proclaimed public education reformer whose confrontational approach to education reform has landed...

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Posted March 23, 2012 in California Educator

Bargaining updates around the state

Associated Calexico Teachers members say that despite a healthy reserve balance and end-of-year surpluses the last several years, the Calexico Unified School District consistently...

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Posted January 01, 2012 in California Educator


Pomona protests dump stations near schools

Associated Pomona Teachers (APT) members joined forces with other community groups in September to protest a waste transfer station that threatens the health, safety and property values of school community...

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