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Posted January 27, 2014 in Press Releases

L.A. Trial for Meritless Lawsuit Seeking to Eradicate Teachers’ Professional Rights Begins Today

Lawsuit does not improve student learning and hurts students, demonizes teachers

LOS ANGELES — Two days after nearly 1,000 educators denounced the Vergara v. the State of California lawsuit, opening arguments begin today in Los An...

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Posted May 19, 2013 in the News

Teacher layoffs lowest since economic downturn, CTA reports

Teacher layoffs shrank to the lowest number since the recession began in 2008, with about 1,300 teachers, librarians, counselors and other public school

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Posted May 16, 2013 in the News

Sacramento area sees fewer school layoffs as budgets improve

May 15 was less scary for teachers this year. Wednesday's deadline for school districts to hand out layoff notices to educators ended this year with 182

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Posted December 12, 2011 in Events

Occupy LAUSD

Rally and March | Time: 4:00 PM | Location: 1st and Soto

Protest against school layoffs and the banks that shortchange education!

Posted February 12, 2011 in Press Releases

UTLA condemns LAUSD plans for teacher layoffs

Today the Los Angeles Unified School District announced plans to lay off over 5,000 elementary and secondary school teachers and support personnel including nurses, elementary and secondary school...

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Posted March 05, 2014 in the News

Former superintendent backs tenure, layoff laws as defense opens in "Vergara" lawsuit

A former superintendent of three school districts defended the current laws for granting teachers tenure, dismissing ineffective teachers and conducting layoffs

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Posted December 16, 2011 in Media Center

school without teachers

Cuts to local public schools are a reality | CTA TV Spot

Narrator: A school without like breathing without oxygen. And cuts to local public schools are not a threat - they're a reality. March 2nd, San Bernardino. 272 teachers face layoffs....

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Posted January 07, 2014 in the News

After a long dry spell, more of state's teachers get pay raises

After several lean years, thousands of California teachers are winning pay hikes, bonuses and other benefits in contract negotiations — the fruits of voter-approved school funding increases.

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Posted September 10, 2010 in Media Center


Whitman's Education Plan is Bad for CA

CTA Television Commercial "Future": If our future starts here...Should California continue the cutbacks that are crippling our classrooms? Meg Whitman's Plan says yes.  Whitman’s plan...

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Posted September 29, 2010 in Media Center


Yes on Prop 24: The Tax Fairness Act

Yes on Proposition 24 | The Tax Fairness Act TV Commercial "Handout": State budget cuts are crippling my classroom. So I can't believe the Sacramento politicians cut a backroom...

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