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Posted April 23, 2014 in Media Center

Iniciativa de Preparación de Carrera | Tom Torlakson

Career Tech Tom Torlakson

Male Narrator: What's the best way to prepare our kids to compete in today's economy? Female Narrator: A well-rounded education that focuses on science, math, and career training for students who...

Posted June 30, 2014 in Press Releases

California’s Educators Resolve to Stand Strong After Supreme Court Decision Impacts Union Membership of Illinois Healthcare Workers

BURLINGAME – CTA President Dean E. Vogel, on behalf of 325,000 educators in California, issued the following statement after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday that eight Illinois home healthcare...

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Posted May 07, 2014 in the News

Job fair draws 300 teaching hopefuls

When the Hemet Unified School District’s board room filled with more than 300 job-seekers Monday, May 5, it reminded Superintendent Barry Kayrell of how the district looked many years ago.

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Posted May 14, 2012 in California Educator


Is your district breaking special education law?

Imagine seeing programs and services for students with disabilities disappearing to save money, because the district suddenly has a “new way” of doing business.

Imagine someone...

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Posted November 21, 2011 in California Educator


CTA pushes for Jobs Act

On Oct. 21, education, community, and labor leaders gathered at a news conference in Los Angeles to urge Congress to pass President Obama’s Jobs Act and to help put millions of Americans back to...

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Posted October 07, 2010 in California Educator

CTA members help win Education Jobs Bill

Just as teachers are working diligently in these final weeks before the November election to take back our classrooms and protect students from more cuts by electing Jerry Brown governor, a handful...

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Posted September 10, 2010 in Press Releases

CTA Television Ad Exposes How Meg Whitman’s Plan Further Cripples Public Education

BURLINGAME – The California Teachers Association today launched a statewide television ad targeting Meg Whitman’s state budget plan, which would continue the cutbacks that are crippling our neighborhood...

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Posted August 17, 2010 in Press Releases

Federal Funds Must be Used for Intended Purpose: Helping our Public Schools

With the new school year already underway and students facing unprecedented larger class sizes due to $17 billion in cuts to public schools over the past two years, California’s lawmakers need to...

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Posted August 10, 2010 in Press Releases

CTA President Applauds U.S. House for Passing Critical Education Jobs Bill

Economic recovery legislation could save up to 16,500 educator jobs in California just as students return to school

CTA President David A. Sanchez issued the following statement about...

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Posted July 15, 2010 in Press Releases

Group rejects Governor’s proposal to cut billions more from schools

Bay Area Education Coalition Details Recent Impact of Local Cuts to Schools; Supports Assembly 'Jobs Budget Plan' to Restore Billions to California Education and Protect Poor Children...

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