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Posted January 01, 2009 in Media Center


Healthy Air Healthy Kids

Provides information for teachers to improve their indoor air quality.

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Posted April 23, 2014 in Media Center

Iniciativa de Preparación de Carrera | Tom Torlakson

Career Tech Tom Torlakson

Male Narrator: What's the best way to prepare our kids to compete in today's economy? Female Narrator: A well-rounded education that focuses on science, math, and career training for students who...

Posted July 27, 2012 in Media Center

"If you care about the safety of your family & community, Vote No on 32"

Emily Lo, a fire captain from Davis, explains how important it is to public safety that Proposition 32 doesn't pass.

Posted September 26, 2008 in Press Releases

Governor Urged to Sign Universal Healthcare Bill

BURLINGAME – David A. Sanchez, president of the 340,000-member California Teachers Association, issued this statement today urging the governor to sign universal health care legislation, SB 840 by Senator...

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Posted June 18, 2008 in Press Releases

CTA Supports San Francisco Rally on Health Care Reform

BURLINGAME – California’s teachers are joining a major protest rally for health care reform Thursday in San Francisco because the soaring costs of insurance coverage are hurting students, educators...

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Posted June 25, 2013 in the News

Study: One in five U.S. children have mental disorder

As many as one in five children in the United States suffer from a mental disorder in a given year, according to national data recently compiled by the

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Posted March 22, 2010 in Press Releases

California’s Educators Praise House of Representatives for Historic Vote

David A. Sanchez, president of the 325,000-member California Teachers Association, issued this statement today about the historic health care reforms approved by the House of Representatives on...

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Posted September 24, 2013 in the News

Teachers union to voice coverage concerns

The Orcutt teachers union asked members to sport black today to symbolize solidarity in a fight for continued health care rates amid ongoing contract

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Posted October 17, 2013 in the News

New Health Care Enrollment Effort To Partner With Schools Across California

A spirited "virtual" rally was held today around a new campaign in California to help the state's school and child-care leaders raise awareness about new

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Posted June 21, 2013 in the News

New push for mental health training for teachers and principals

Sweeping national reforms in children’s mental health care have yet to materialize in the wake of the Newtown, Conn., school shootings, but a group of

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