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Posted May 20, 2014 in Site Pages

California schools better off with Tom Torlakson in charge20140520

As a teacher and school principal, I haven’t forgotten the trouble California’s schools were in when state Superintendent Tom Torlakson took office three years ago. School budgets were being...

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Posted February 23, 2012 in Site Pages

Treasurer's Resources

Resources for CTA local Treasurers.

Posted October 29, 2014 in the Blog

Jamming: 300 Stockton Educators Pack School Board to Demand "Classrooms First"

(Photo above) Chanting and clapping, Stockton Teachers and their supporters jam the...

Posted August 06, 2012 in CCA Advocate

Tips on how to choose a financial planner can provide some guidance along the way

Are you a dreamer, a doer, a procrastinator or a planner? Dreamers tend to have big goals for the future with few plans...

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Posted May 14, 2012 in California Educator


Summer training builds skills and knowledge

CTA’s Summer Institute 2012 will be held Aug. 5-9 at UCLA’s Conference Center. This event offers a variety of trainings designed to assist chapters...

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Posted May 14, 2012 in California Educator


Budget update: New state shortfalls increase importance of CTA-backed tax initiative

California’s revenues appear to be running as much as $3 billion below the estimates used in finalizing the 2011-12 state budget, placing even more importance on voters passing Gov. Jerry Brown’s...

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Posted April 24, 2012 in California Educator


Fundraising - When the going gets tough, teachers get creative

How far would you go to raise badly needed funds for your school? Would you audition for a reality show? Kiss a pig? Play cow chip bingo?

Squeezed by budget cuts, teachers are going...

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Posted January 31, 2012 in California Educator

Tax unfairness

It's failing our schools and crippling our state

In the 1960s and early ’70s, California schools were among the best funded and top rated in the country. The state’s college and...

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Posted November 17, 2011 in California Educator

Governor proposes 'hybrid' pension plan

With cries for pension reform coming from all corners, it’s no surprise the governor has gotten into the act and unveiled a 12-point plan for teachers and public employees that will likely — in...

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Posted September 09, 2011 in California Educator

California Dream Act helps undocumented students get financial aid for college

Undocumented students will have an easier time gaining access to higher education institutions following the passage this summer of the California Dream Act, two bills that will allow them to apply...

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